Here are some fun facts and one lie about me:

  • I was born Matthew Starr Spicer. My grandmother called me the “Star Child.” The name has no relation to Star Child from Kiss other than both of us like to rock. Sometimes all night long.

  • My favorite movie is Ghostbusters. Partly because my mother told me that ghosts were real when I was a kid. Not cool, mom.

  • I like cake.

  • In high school I played in a band called Five After. No, we were not a boy band.

  • I’ve won a karaoke contest dressed as a woman and a hot dog eating contest dressed as a man.

  • I’ve run into Tim Robbins three different times and I wasn’t stalking him.

  • One time I got trapped in an elevator in Hong Kong with a person with claustrophobia. I’m a very empathetic person. It was horrifying.

  • I’m Batman.